10 Tips to Treat an Infected Nose Piercing (2023)

You can get an infection if you pierce your nose to put a ring on it. However, it’s easier to treat this ailment. This article will provide you with straightforward steps to treat the infection.

Piercing of the nose has become a trendy thing among the world’s younger populace. However, People have different preferences when it comes to a particular place to pierce. Some want it to be in the septum while most persons opt for the nostrils.

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Piercing the nose to put on a ring gives a lot of swagger, but not until you catch an infection on the opening. So, read on to know how to treat an infected nose ring piercing.

Nose Piercing Infection: What You Need to Know

It’s almost impossible to get a nose piercing without a hole in your nose. The first step in any nose piercing procedure involves piercing your nose to accommodate the ring. Such holes go deeper than just the surface of your skin, and it’s the perfect gateway for infections.

The thing about our environment is that germs and bacteria are always lurking, and the piercing provides a great pathway. Unlike the casual skin condition, you can treat with soap and water, piercing conditions are more complicated. Regular soap shower won’t do, and it takes a lot of care to get rid of these germs.

The way these germs operates is that they enter your skin’s pores and cause more health problems. Then bacteria start to spread when you left untreated. This spread could lead to a full-blown infection. To get rid of these germs, you need enough information to knowhow to treat infected nose ring piercing.

Can Your Nose Piercing Result in Infections?

It’s not totally out of place for a part of the body exposed to become infected; it’s the same for nose piercings. The piercing site might get infected during the healing phase, but the infection is often minor. However, when you fail to take care of such parts of the body, it spreads to the other parts.

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What’s the Best Way to Treat My Infected Nose Ring Piercing?

The most effective way is to carry out immediate treatment of germs to help curb its spread. These 10 Best ways to treat my infected nose ring piercing below can go a great length to help you with the treatment process.

1. Ascertain the Level of Infection

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It would do you no good to begin blind treatment on the ailment. Hence, you should try and see a doctor as fast as you can to get a thorough diagnosis of the infection. It should even be faster if you are dealing with other health issues like cancer, diabetes Mellitus, or cancer. These cases require medical attention for even a little infection.

However, if you happen to have just the nose infection as your only ailment, you can administer home treatment. But if you notice excessive swelling, awful smells, discharge, or too much pain, do well to visit a doctor ASAP. This also applies to those with signs of fever, nausea, or headache.

2. Don’t Take Out the Jewelry

For better healing, you have to give the infection a little time. Taking out the ring might hamper the healing process and worsen the condition. So, you better allow it until you get medical advice.

3. Wipe with Soap and Clean Water

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Mix some quantity of mild soap and warm water for the cleaning. Then, carefully flip the ring front and back to clean the area, ensuring you get the foamy liquid around. Then, rinse the infected spot afterward until all the lather goes away. Do not use harsh solutions like alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, as this may interfere with the procedure.

4. Clean around The Area with Salt and Water

Clean around the area with warm salty water every morning to enable the quickest recovery. Mix a tablespoon of salt in a cup of clean, warm water and stir to dissolve. Then, dip cotton wool into this mixture and ensure you press out the excesses. Use the dampened cotton ball to press and hold onto the area for about five minutes. Do this two times daily during the healing noise piercing stage.

5. Try Not to Scratch

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This kind of infection may be itchy, so you would like to scratch. But scratching the area will not only hinder the healing, but it may also worsen the disease due to more contamination. Instead, use a dry and clean fabric to clean around the spot.

If the urge to rub becomes unbearable, you may use an anesthetic balm-like Dr. Numb. It numbs your skin and stops the scratch. You can order online as it contains a reasonable amount of lidocaine.

6. Cleanse the Spot with a Saline Solution

A mixture of salt and water is the most universal yet mild antiseptic. It’s friendly on the skin and doesn’t dry out much. Add about ¼ teaspoon of salt in 240ml of distilled warm water. Then, fix your face down to the sink or pale and gently rub the mixture in. Take care not to allow it into your nostrils. But if you’re using a bottle with a spray nozzle, aim it directly on the spot.

Pour it gently on the area if you’re using a bowl, ensuring you don’t inhale the solution. This step works better immediately after a bath. Don’t try to use any harsh ointment on an infected nose piercing bumpas it hinders the treatment. Use only table salt that has enough Iodine.

But, if a doctor recommends a registered balm-like hydrogen peroxide, you can go ahead and use it. But if not, use only soap, water, and saline solution.

7. Peel Out Dry Pieces of Skin

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You may notice some peel offs of dry skin after you clean the infected area. This debris may also be hardened discharge or pus from the disease. Do well to remove such dirt when the site is still wet as it helps to avoid tearing the skin around the piercing. You can also use a dry fabric to clean out this dirt.

8. Take Anti-Biotics for the Infection Treatment

Taking an antibiotic may be the fastest way to rid yourself of a nose piercing infection. This is because most of the causes of the infected nose piercing bumpare bacteria. Therefore, your physician may prescribe an antibiotic drug to hasten the nose infection healing stages.

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Oral medications are the most powerful and so are used for severe infections. But if the illness is not so serious, you may use a cream or lotion.

Now, you must continue to use this ointment even when you notice an improvement. Better still, use it for the number of days recommended by your physician. You may see that nose infection keeps coming backif you fail this step.

9. Take Care of Abscess Immediately

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If you find out that pus is developing around the infection area, it’s best to tackle it immediately. This step is important because an abscess, which is an accumulation of pus under the skin, may lead to tearing. So, quickly go over to a clinic and see a doctor for it. He may prescribe an antibiotic for you or tell you if it will heal on its own.

Also, dabbing with warm water may lessen the pain of the boil slightly. But when used together with an anti-bacterial medicine, the result is better. You may need a doctor to drain out the pus in some cases, but this leaves a scar most times.

10. Visit A Physician If Symptoms Persist after a Fortnight

Some nose infections might disappear after administering slight treatment like using a nose piercing bump spray.But some persist weeks after applying medication. In this case, you need to make an appointment with your doctor for medical treatment.

Infections are severe ailments and may worsen to a life-threatening issue. It may also lead to permanent scarring on the nose if handled carelessly. One can also contact staphylococcus for an ordinary nose piercing. Therefore, we recommend that you visit a physician if it persists after home treatment.

Continue your ER sessions if the infections persist after the first appointment. It’s better to tackle it aggressively than lose your life to it. Do all you can to get back healthy wellbeing.

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How to Prevent Noise Ring Piercing Infection

Clean the Piercing Regularly

If you’re looking for how to prevent nose piercing infection, cleaning the pierced nose works fine. Ensure that you sanitize your hands with soap and warm water before undertaking the cleaning procedure. You could easily dab the piercing with warm water and mild soap.

Avoid Using Facial Products on Pierced Area

A great way to preventinfected nose piercing bumpis by ensuring that you don’t apply facial products on the piercing. Facial products like lotions, creams, and other balms fall in this category. The components of some of these products could lead to an aggravation of the infection.

Stay Away from Swimming Activities

It’s no secret that most bodies of water have an abundance of harmful germs and bacteria. Yournose piercing bump treatmentcould prove ineffective if you continue to jump into pools at any given opportunity. It would be best to let the piercing heal completely when you notice that thenose piercing bumps keep coming back.

Use Hypoallergenic Jewelry

Allergic reactions could aggravate your infections in many ways. It would be best if you used hypoallergenic jewelry sets to guard against complications that could arise from the condition. If you’re looking for how to prevent nose piercing infection, ensure you use only hypoallergenic jewelry.


As stylish as a nose ring looks, it may come with great infection.This issue can get serious if you take it for granted, that’s why we put together these helpful tips. If you’ve read through the article, it means you now know how to treat an infected nose with the ring on it.In an overview of the steps:

  • Try and clean with soap and warm water
  • Avoid using harsh solutions like Peroxide or alcohol on it
  • Use salt that has Iodine to mix your saline solution.
  • Visit a doctor if the symptoms persist.

You can drop your thoughts and question in the comment section.

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